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Hard Revenge, Milly Full Movie Hd 1080p > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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A fierce warrior (Miki Mizuno) becomes embroiled in a vicious cycle of vengeance.
I had watched this movie at a friends house but after viewing it i had to go and order it online. i think this movie is truly phenomenal. it's definitely apart of the over the top blood/gore fest that has been popular in japan as of late. However unlike the others like tokyo gore police or machine girl. the lead character has a much stronger personality as well as motivation for her actions. also, the fight scenes done by the female heroine are top notch and do not scream fake like the other films I've mentioned. the movie is basically about a young woman who was horrible wronged by a gang of hoodlums who ravaged her body and killed her family. she goes on a quest for revenge that is a action fan like myselfs ultimate dream. full of blood & amazing if you liked machine girl or tokyo gore police i definitely recommend this film.
So now and then an Japanese gory flick comes overseas to enjoy us. But it's all a bit of the same. You can easily qualify it between Tokyo Gore Police and those kind of gorefests. Was it bad, not at all but again, you must stand the typical over the top Japanese style to enjoy it, for example, a decapitated body still keeps firing with a gun. The gore is intact but is also over the top. The red stuff sputters in a eastern style. The story itself wasn't that bad but it's a short movie, clocking in at 45 minutes I would say if you never have seen a Japanese gorefest than start with this one, if you can take it than you can make a move to full features. It's also easy to see that it was low budget, the camera's used weren't of good quality, just look what a mistake the lenses made by shooting in open air. Nevertheless, one to see but sadly it disappears in the wholesome bunch of Japanese gore coming over these days

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