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In this action comedy, Jack Goldwater, an IRS agent on loan to the Federal Air Marshal Service, is relieved of field duty after insulting a powerful U.S. Senator, and finds himself exiled to a humiliating desk job in Nevada as the federal receiver managing a legal brothel in tax default, where – with the help of the brothel Madam, Lady Magdalene – he uncovers an Al Qaeda plot to unload a nuclear-bomb-sized crate at Hoover Dam.
With the unsurpassed talents Nichelle Nichols this movie shines. Someone who can distribute this movie needs to see it.<br/><br/>Although the title might suggest something else this movie is very family friendly.<br/><br/>Bravo Miss Nichols still has got it and in abundance and I am a witness to that.<br/><br/>Laugh out loud comedy not in the rude sense but in the old way its made to be funny not vulgar.<br/><br/>I see this movie becoming a cult classic for those who see it will want it for there movie library.
I had heard very mixed things on this film on IMDb but the Amazon reviews and star rating suggested it was better and I thought to myself that it cannot be that bad. Watching the trailer looked odd, like it was a very weird mix of genres, with humour, action and songs but the main thing was it looked cheap. Having seen many low budget short films or student films from people taking their first steps into the medium of film, I decided that I would overlook the first impression and give it a fair viewing – the ability to afford all the trimmings doesn&#39;t stop you writing good scripts etc.<br/><br/>Reading the plot didn&#39;t inspire me with hope but at the same time it offers potential. IRS Agent Jack Goldwater is demoted down to running a state-claimed brothel in Nevada when he racially profiles a Middle-Eastern man on a plane. However, when the same man shows up in the brothel he smells a rat and uncovers a plot that threatens America. With the help of the working girls and their colourful madam, he has to try to overcome political incompetence to save the day. As odd as it sounds, the basic idea offers the potential for what was advertised – a comedy built on action, zany light comedy and comic dialogue. Even the characters and their interactions offer this. So why then does the film so powerfully fail to deliver any of it?<br/><br/>The problems start with the script. There are simply too many lines and scenes that offer nothing but words – they don&#39;t add colour, they don&#39;t add to the speaker&#39;s characters, they aren&#39;t funny and they have no dramatic worth. They aren&#39;t terrible by any means but after a while it is hard to escape the feeling of people, standing in a room, saying……things! There is no content – just words. Attempts at humour mostly fall flat; there were one or two lines that drew a little &quot;hmph&quot; of appreciation from me, but mostly there simply isn&#39;t anything to laugh at in the same way as there are few words to care about. The occasional attempt at comedy (I presume) ranges wildly from physical comedy with two character handcuffed together, through to prostitutes spitting into a condom to make a drunken john think he has already climaxed; none of it works but so much of it is weirdly judged, with no consistent tone.<br/><br/>The whole film suffers from this. So we have scenes in a brothel where girls are sexily introduced in a lightly comic fashion; scenes of running with guns; scenes of comedy terrorists; a gospel song performed on stage about Rahab; a dramatic (ish) murder scene and so on. None of them work individually but the combination of having them all beside each other while also feeling totally disconnected just undermines the film really badly. I have no problem with films trying to do several things, but it is hard to do them and be consistent – this film shows just how hard it is and how bad things can be when it doesn&#39;t work. Again I could see the potential for the wacky, the sexy, the dramatic and the comic to come together, but they didn&#39;t.<br/><br/>The budget doesn&#39;t help but I&#39;ve seen so much more done with less – the problem I had was not the low-budget, it was the amateurish feel the film has. The direction is poor in terms of the cast and in terms of the shot selection. Cutaways are frequent and unnecessary, lighting (or maybe film stock?) changes give the film a different look within the same scene (although it is worst scene to scene). The musical score varies wildly from classical to &quot;zany&quot; music but it rarely matches the action and yet is always present. The editing is terrible – not technically perhaps but in terms of selection. Almost every scene is a few seconds longer than it should be and it makes the viewer feel awkward, like I was hanging around. Far too many shots were just &quot;there&quot; – the gun range was &quot;there&quot;, lots of driving scenes are &quot;there&quot;, lots of shots are just &quot;there&quot;; again it is hard to describe if you&#39;ve not seen it but it feels very baggy indeed. And the irony is it doesn&#39;t need to – the DVD runs to 1h50m or so, far long that it needs to be (or can sustain).<br/><br/>The cast are very mixed. The big draw is Nichols but she is poor; she never finds her character and she overacts badly in most scenes – her first appearance is a wonderfully bad example of it. Against my worries Keogh was quite likable, as was Smythe – they showed some relaxed charmed and chemistry, just a shame that the script kills them. Lynx is stunning and surprisingly natural while Wraith is again quite relaxed and a cool presence. Schulman is amusing in a Dom Deluise way and again I would have loved him to have had better lines as his character could have been very good. Beyond these it is really amateur hour, lots of people doing first performances and the scenes are full of &quot;pause – now say dialogue&quot; moments (and the pauses are left in for the viewer), very few people feel natural, although the poor dialogue is a big part of this. At one point my girlfriend walked into the room, watched 2 minutes involving the brothel girls and simply asked me &quot;have any of these people ever acted before?&quot; and I could see her point.<br/><br/>Lady Magdalene&#39;s is a mess. It has potential but it fluffs it all and what few promising aspects (I actually liked several of the leads) are smothered by amateurish aspects. Content is poor, laughs are absent, action is dull, dialogue is so clunky it even kills the &quot;ok&quot; performances, tone is all over the place and generally the direction is poor.

The initial version was shown at various film festivals and public screenings in 2008 and 2009, with repeated editing tweaks.<br/><br/>In Fall 2009, the director and editor created a &quot;Special Preview Edition&quot; (SPE) after their final intended go-round of editing. This version runs 116 minutes, and was placed on DVD with scene selections.<br/><br/>The SPE was circulated to critics and private parties until it was made available at through video-on-demand in Spring 2010, and through DVD-on-demand pressings in Spring 2011. The SPE has also been used in additional public and film-festival screenings.<br/><br/>A commercial-sponsorship arrangement is being implemented in Fall 2011, making the film available for free on the Web at<br/><br/>Basically, the commercial sponsorship arrangement is an infomercial at the beginning of the film and the &quot;availability for free&quot; is simply a Youtube upload. Perhaps unknown to all parties involved, you don&#39;t need a sponsor or an infomercial to upload a film to Youtube. This said, the infomercial is well worth woatching, if only for its unintentional comedic value.<br/><br/>This arrangement is also planned to result in DVD and Blu-ray releases with a director&#39;s commentary track, deleted scenes, and other special features. It will also be available to broadcast, cable, and satellite TV. All these formats will use the SPE and be accompanied by advertising.<br/><br/>More information on the sponsored edition is available on the director&#39;s blog at No. It was available for purchase from amazon, but was withdrawn from sale. This just after a number of negative reviews and a drop in the rating, though the timing could simply be coincidental. No. Apart from one scene where a couple of badly edited pistol-shots are fired at an SUV, there is very little in the way of action in this film. There is a laughably poor &quot;car-chase&quot;, but it is about as exciting and suspenseful as synchronized swimming. No. Not in a traditional sense. Where the film tries to be funny, it fails spectacularly. However, like many films of this quality, (Mano:Hands Of Fate, The Room, Birdemic), there is immense comedy to be gleaned from the script, direction, editing and acting (or lack of, more accurately). No. It is not thrilling in the least. There is nothing suspenseful about this film, despite efforts to make it so.
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